The color blue

I used to hate the color blue.

It stood for sadness. Depression. Loneliness.

Now, four years after having walked into the obnoxiously blue Argonaut newsroom, blue has come to mean something else.

Blue means family.

From Erin’s red mane to Josh’s golden retriever vibe, they are family.

From Jack’s crazy ideas for radio shows to Griffen debating whether or not hot dogs are sandwiches, they are family.

I love the color blue.

I love the way the Argonaut is crooked on the wall or how cold the newsroom is.

I love huge windows that no one really knows how to open, or close.

I love it all.

After four years, this place has become my home. I have sat on the blue couches, the brown chairs, in the blot office, on the mangy, carpeted floor. I have done yoga in the office and slept on the couch. I have been here at 4 a.m. and eaten every meal at my desk.

This is home.

Home is where the heart is, and I know I will be leaving a little of mine behind.



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