Ask the dead if politics matter

Left, right or center – liberal, conservative or moderate – politics do not belong anywhere in tragedy.

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The color blue

I used to hate the color blue.

It stood for sadness. Depression. Loneliness.

Now, four years after having walked into the obnoxiously blue Argonaut newsroom, blue has come to mean something else.

Blue means family.

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Pictures from NYC

It was an amazing experience, and I know I will visit again soon.

Spread Happiness

I know this is supposed to be stuff I didn’t write for the campus newspaper, but this was a person I met who greatly impacted my life and I hope that I can continue to look at my life differently because of this one person.

Without further ado, meet Luis Aleman.


It was miserable. It was a place where people labored, day in and day out, carrying boxes of potatoes from one end of the warehouse to another — it was the place Luis Aleman spent a year in order to raise money to go to college.

“I remember thinking ‘Is this what hell feels like?’” Aleman said.     

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